Biodegradable cutlery will help break through plastic pollution

Dec 08 2021   

The new crown epidemic in many regions in 2020 affects the hearts of countless people, and everyone is working hard to do what they can in this smoke-free war. During this period, takeaway and biodegradable cutlery can be said to have brought great convenience to our lives, reducing the frequency of people going out, and thus reducing the number of people infected with the epidemic.

The increase in take-out orders during the COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated the already serious problem of the proliferation of disposable cutlery set garbage. And this problem has not only appeared in China, but has also caused great repercussions in various countries recently.

biodegradable cutlery

According to data from the South Korean Ministry of Environment, South Korea’s take-out orders in 2020 will increase by 78% over the previous year, and plastic waste will increase accordingly. According to estimates by the environmental protection organization, South Korea’s daily take-out orders are about 2.7 million, which means that approximately 8.3 million plastic lunch boxes are needed, most of which are disposable cutlery sets that are not recycled. The scale of pollution is worrying.

As a result, many regional governments have begun to try to promote the use of reusable lunch boxes in the catering industry, but such lunch boxes are bound to face the difficulty of recycling, high costs, and safety and health issues that people pay special attention to under the new crown epidemic.

disposable cutlery set

Before these problems are better solved, recycled tableware is not only difficult to be accepted by consumers, but also unable to solve the current plastic pollution problem. From the perspective of pollution control and safety and health, biodegradable cutlery is the best solution to control plastic pollution, especially to reduce plastic waste pollution in the catering industry.

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