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Dec 28 2021   

With Luckin Coffee's first delivery service, Starbucks is also catching up. Even McDonald's has joined the coffee delivery service. If liquids are not spilled, the design of the cup cover lid is really particular.


In addition to the tightness of Ecocuplids paper coffee cup lids that can withstand the test completely, the cup cover lid also has the following features.

cup cover lid

Beautiful and environmentally friendly: The lid is made of sugarcane, which is a paper coffee cup lid. The cup cover lid is completely degradable and environmentally friendly.


Good airtightness: The paper cup cover and the cup body have good airtightness, and the beverage is not easy to leak.


Firmly fitting: The cup cover lid and the cup body are fitted tightly, so the beverage cup lid will not pop open easily. 

custom cup cover lid

Easy to drink: Even if you drink hot beverages, your lips will not feel hot (because the cellulose material does not conduct heat). There is no beverage residue on the lid. It feels like drinking from a paper cup


Easy to identify: a cut can be added to the side of the hot drink quilt to indicate the name of the drink, which is convenient for identifying the content of the drink. The cup cover lid can be used for both hot and cold drinks.


We are a manufacturer of biodegradable custom cup cover lids. If you have any questions or need to purchase, please contact us.


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