What's The EU Directive on Single-use Plastics

Aug 19 2021   

From Green Olive:


On July 3, 2021, the EU Directive on Single-use Plastics (EU No. 2019/904) was officially implemented. The new regulations ban all degradable plastics such as PLA and PBAT. The European plastic ban route is natural biomaterials.

Molded pulp packaging, alternative to plastic

In order to prevent the proliferation of plastic waste, the European Parliament passed the "Disposable Plastic Directive" on July 3, 2021, aiming to ban the ten most common types of plastic found on European beaches by 2021 and significantly reduce them by 2028 The number of plastic cups and containers. Its measures are considered the most severe in the world, and have pushed the EU's recycling rate to an impressive 41.5%, which is three times the United States' recycling rate.

The ban covers ten single-use plastic (SUP) items, including:

● Cotton swabs
● Straws,
● Blenders
Plates and food containers
● Polystyrene cups

● Oxidatively degradable plastic bags
● Balloon sticks

These items are targeted because they account for more than 80% of Europe’s marine debris. Now, manufacturers, cafes and restaurants, and other food companies will need to switch to other non-plastic products. For example, bamboo cups or items made of cellulose or other biodegradable materials. The European Commission expressed the hope that through this directive, by 2030, all remaining disposable plastics in circulation can be reused or recycled.
Natural plant fiber materials is the new and attractive trend in the near future.
Molded pulp bagasse tableware

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