What is Molded Pulp Packaging?

Aug 19 2021   

Paper pulp trays can be divided into three categories:

Commercial packaging
Agricultural packaging
Disposable tableware

Pulp molded products are made of plant fiber pulp or waste paper products that can be completely recycled and reused as basic materials, and are made of unique technology and are widely used in food storage, electrical packaging, cosmetics packaging, Plastic-free potted plants, and fragile liner packaging.
In recent years, plastic products, one of the three major packaging materials, especially expanded polystyrene products, have become increasingly serious in many disadvantages, and have become a "white pollution" that everyone hates. The waste disposal of these polystyrene foam packaging brings serious pollution to the environment and have caused great damage to the earth's environment. Switching to biodegradable environmentally friendly packaging materials, eliminating "white pollution", and improving people's living environment have become international and domestic requirement.

What is pulp molded packaging

The dinner tableware and industrial packaging products produced by pulp molding technology are truly environmentally friendly products. They use natural plant fibers or waste paper as raw materials, and there is no pollution in the production and use processes. In addition to its positive role in replacing disposable plastic tableware, molded pulp products are also widely used in packaging of industrial products, especially electronic products. Molded pulp products are gradually entering the mainstream of commercial activities. It is currently the most popular alternative to foam plastic product.
Pulp molded products have developed rapidly and have good prospects because of their unique performance advantages:

● There is basically no pollution in the production process, which meets the requirements of cleaner production. .
● The raw materials have a wide range of sources, which can be adapted to local conditions.
● Pulp molded products have good water absorption. Waterproof, oil-proof and non-leakage.
● Modern production technology can realize high-speed, automated mass production

Since the pulp molded products have sufficient raw material sources, no pollution in the production and use process, wide application range, light weight and recyclability, they have strong vitality and broad application prospects, which have been widely used. Economic value and status have been recognized by the international community.
The original intention of sustainable development is people-oriented. Plastic-free and biodegradable packaging is the future packaging trend for catering packaging and cosmetics brands and even brands in various industries. 


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