What are the characteristics of bagasse tableware?

Jan 29 2023   

Disposable plastic lunch boxes have been criticized for being difficult to degrade and not environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly materials that can replace plastic to make disposable lunch boxes are also being explored. At present, disposable environmentally friendly bagasse lunch boxes are the first choice to replace disposable plastic lunch boxes in terms of environmental protection.

Bagasse tableware

The use of non-toxic, harmless, clean, and non-polluting disposable bagasse food boxes complies with food-grade hygiene and safety standards and environmental protection regulations and does not add standard raw materials. It is not only safer and healthier to use, but also degradable and more environmentally friendly.


Sugarcane pulp is made of bagasse as a raw material and is prepared into a certain concentration of slurry by hydraulic beating, high-temperature disinfection, and other processes. This sugarcane pulp is a naturally degradable and compostable plant fiber material.


Sugarcane pulp tableware uses sugar-pressed bagasse as an ingredient instead of traditional petroleum-derived plastics or foam. It is currently recognized globally as 100% environmentally friendly tableware and 100% biodegradable tableware.


Our bagasse tableware is not only environmentally friendly but also very safe. Ultraviolet high-temperature hot-press sterilization, vacuum operation workshop, mechanical and manual inspection, and other links ensure the safety standards and quality of use of products. Bagasse dishes are microwave, oven, and freezer safe. Withstands temperatures from -20°C to 135°C. Safe to use, non-toxic and harmless.


Bagasse tableware can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water within 90 -100 days, with compostable and degradable characteristics.

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