The main features of environmentally friendly tableware

Jan 30 2023   

With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, people are increasingly aware of the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection. More and more products are being replaced by environmentally friendly products. For example, some takeaway and packaging began to use bagasse lunch boxes. The environmentally friendly disposable tableware made of bagasse is very good, it will automatically degrade within 3 months, and it is waterproof and oil-proof.


The following is a brief analysis of the main characteristics of environmentally friendly tableware.

environmentally friendly tableware

1. No pollution


First of all, the first feature of environmentally friendly tableware is pollution-free. Because environmentally friendly tableware usually uses some degradable materials, such as the most common paper or sugarcane pulp, etc., these materials are formed into standard tableware by thermoforming for human use. At this time, there is no harm to the human body. Because it does not contain any toxic substances.

Because it is made of paper and sugarcane pulp, it is easily degraded in nature after use. This will not harm the overall natural environment. So this is the most important feature of environmentally friendly tableware.

2. Degradable


Another very important feature of environmentally friendly tableware is its own degradability. Because the material of environmentally friendly sugarcane clam shells is easily degraded in nature, this is the advantage of environmentally friendly lunch boxes, degradability. Tableware made of bagasse has high whiteness, good compactness, good temperature, and oil resistance, is non-toxic and tasteless, and can be completely degraded within three months. The production process is pollution-free, and the production cost is much lower than that of pulp-molded fast food boxes.


3. Sustainable

Environmentally friendly tableware must not only be environmentally friendly after use, but the materials produced must also be environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Bagasse tableware fully meets these two conditions. Bagasse is a waste material that is reused, which not only solves the problem of waste. How to deal with bagasse can also achieve the purpose of waste reuse.

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