Why use sugarcane for biodegradable packaging

Jan 22 2023   

The biodegradable packaging is made of sugar cane, which is simple yet elegant. This is a degradable bio-packaging that most companies are using now.

biodegradable packaging

Why use sugarcane for biodegradable packaging


Every time the sugar cane is pitted, a lot of bagasse is left behind. Processing of this bagasse allows for the creation of biodegradable packaging.


The bagasse is chopped and mixed with water and other pulp materials to form a slurry. Pour the slurry into the mold, shape it into the desired box and stamp the logo and trim the edges. Then the biodegradable box is ready.


The whole process uses purely natural materials. The process produces no ink, no plastic, and no wastewater. Just cut off the trim, and it becomes an egg tray in the supermarket.


The biodegradable packaging, made from bagasse, can degrade in the soil for six months if you don't need it and throw it away.

Bagasse biodegradable packaging is 100% tree and plastic free and made from sustainable resources - 100% made from plant biomass like bagasse, and bamboo pulp, 100% renewable and recycled resources from and back to nature


Biodegradable and compostable in both home and commercial settings - healthy, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and hygienic. All of our products are green, compostable, disposable, and environmentally friendly. Packaging products made of bagasse can be 100% degraded in 90-100 days under natural conditions. Also suitable for landfills.

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