5 reasons to switch to eco-friendly packaging

Jan 18 2023   

At GREEN OLIVE, we offer compostable food packaging made from sustainable resources. Businesses are often reluctant to switch to compostable packaging because they believe the cost is too high.

compostable packaging

We've rounded up the top 5 reasons why you should switch to compostable food packaging.


1. Help the environment

Be a responsible business owner and do what you can to help the environment. All the products we supply are made from natural and renewable materials such as sugar cane, corn starch, potato starch, and recycled materials.


2. It's cheaper than you think

Many of our customers are initially hesitant to use eco-friendly food packaging because they think it is too expensive. At GREEN OLIVE, we offer a wide range of cost-effective options at competitive prices. We'll work with you to provide a solution that's right for your business.


3. Your customers will love that you help reduce their carbon footprint

Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact plastic and other materials have on our planet. The media bombards consumers with compelling evidence that rivers and oceans are clogged with plastic.


4. Ahead of the game

It's no secret that the government is developing plans to ensure we eliminate plastic from our packaging. Act now and your company will be ahead of the game. This will give you more time to make sure the right, informed decisions are being made for your business.


At GREEN OLIVE, we work with our clients on their entire packaging collection to ensure it is consistent and delivers the right look and feel. We can also provide branding consultancy if you wish to provide branded packaging.


5. Quality

At Greene Olive Environmental Technology, we also take quality control very seriously. To ensure that quality is never beyond our satisfaction, we focus on the following aspects of quality control:

● Raw materials. All raw materials are imported from responsible and reliable suppliers in Thailand to ensure safety and quality.

● In-house mold design and manufacture. In order to provide tailor-made molds according to customer requirements and ensure a fast turnaround of mold modifications, the company has established its own mold workshop equipped with senior mold engineers and cutting-edge mold equipment to control quality from the source and improve efficiency.

● Quality control during production. We have implemented a strict quality control program during the production process; defective products will be picked out during each production process to avoid flowing into the next process. The overall qualification rate of the final product can reach 95%+.
● Tests performed. The QC department conducts tests on the final products before packaging, including but not limited to waterproof and oil-proof tests and heavy metal detection, to find potential quality problems.

● Inspection before packaging. Before packing and shipping, our QC technicians will do random inspections to meet customers' satisfaction. This ensures that every part of the process meets your needs and achieves your long-term goals.

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