Why You Should Know About Bagasse Packaging Manufacturers?

Feb 09 2023   

Advantages of Bagasse Pulping


Bagasse is a by-product of sugar mills and a typical raw material for paper fiber. Sugarcane is a stem-like plant fiber raw material that can be grown in one year. The average fiber length is 1.47-3.04mm, and the bagasse fiber length is 1.0-2.34mm, which is similar to broad-leaf fiber. Bagasse after resizing is a good raw material for papermaking.


Bagasse is a grass fiber. It is easy to cook and blanch. Compared with wood, it consumes fewer chemicals and contains less silicon, but lower than other grass fiber raw materials. Therefore, bagasse pulping and alkali recovery technology and equipment are more mature and simpler than other straw fiber raw materials. So bagasse is a cheaper raw material for pulping.


Why bagasse packaging manufacturers are using waste bagasse to generate biodegradable packaging products. Because bagasse uses lower energy-related emissions, it helps reduce global warming. It requires less energy to make because it's just fiber left over from sugar processing.

bagasse packaging manufacturers

What's more, it's durable and immune to temperature extremes, making it a useful material in consumer spaces. Significant advantages of bagasse include:

Microwave and oven safe

Handles hot liquids up to 120 degrees Celsius

Oven safe up to 220°C. the

Bagasse market


Research shows that the molded pulp packaging market could exceed USD 4.3 billion by 2026.


Now is the time to look into a truly sustainable resource for the manufacture of molded pulp products, which is sugar cane waste. We have access to more sustainable alternatives because sugarcane is a rapidly growing staple food product.


Choose smarter


Using agricultural waste is a better option. This waste by-product is already being produced, not specifically grown like wood, which takes many years to grow. Bagasse also requires far fewer inputs than paper to produce the same amount of pulp. 


This is an overlooked opportunity when looking for truly sustainable packaging. There are about 80 cane sugar-producing countries and there is great potential to make better use of the fibrous residue known as bagasse.

Advantages of bagasse in design


Practical benefits include saving space. Nestable and stackable reduces storage costs by up to 70%. Protection is another benefit, with bagasse providing superior shock and vibration cushioning. In addition, bagasse packaging manufacturers can design to your specifications, the option of custom designs is a great advantage.


It offers price stability with minimal dependence on fluctuations in oil, gas, and resin prices, giving you a long-term price guarantee. It also costs less than other protective packaging options, such as foam and thermoformed plastic.


Products made from bagasse do not require a PLA liner as it is natural oil- and leak-proof, making it suitable for both home and industrial composting. Bagasse is a great compostable material, so giving it a second life as packaging is great for the environment.


Sustainable future


Bagasse does not require any misleading labels, such as biodegradable labels. It can be both home composted and industrially-composted. Best-case scenario these products end up in your home compost, but they could also end up recycled (since they look the most like paper products), incinerated, and end up in landfills.


It's important to note that materials with industrial components are no better off if they also end up in landfills. Home composting is where you can make a difference. Composting reduces methane production.


GREEN OLIVE bagasse packaging manufacturers As experts in the environmental technology industry, we are passionate about making the world a safer and more progressive place. To this end, we want to use our expertise in environmental standards to create safer and more ethical packaging for consumer products. Our team spans various fields and specialties with the desire to provide the right solution for each specific purpose client.

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