What is the difference between biodegradable paper cups and ordinary disposable paper cups?

Feb 04 2023   

Today's ordinary disposable paper cups are widely used as disposable daily necessities and play an indispensable role in the family, business, and travel. The fast-paced urban life brings us convenience, which is the icing on the cake and also plays a role in promoting the corporate image! The current degradable paper cup advertisement is an extremely accurate and effective form of advertisement born in the current environmental protection era. It is a kind of practical advertisement in concept. The degradable paper cup advertisement is to use items with practical functions as the advertising carrier to release and place advertisements. In our daily life, we often come into contact with various styles of paper cups, among which there are many advertising paper cups with more patterns printed on them. As a new publicity model for enterprises, degradable paper cups are used in various enterprises. By printing various designed patterns on the paper cups, the disposable advertising paper cups can not only bring a good mood to the drinkers but also promote the company well.

Biodegradable paper cups

In daily life, we usually use disposable paper cups in supermarkets, convenience stores, markets, etc. Although there are dazzling paper cups on the market, they also have a fixed size range, generally, 6-9 ounces are common. Usually, the paper cups purchased in these channels are the manufacturer's information and trademark brands. Usually, 50-100 bags are used, most of them use 190-210 grams of single PE-coated paper, and the printing volume is simple. Green Olive biodegradable paper cups are disposable paper cups made of bagasse and bamboo fiber. Waxed paper cups for frozen food, can hold ice cream, jam, and butter, etc. Paper cups for hot drinks are plastic-coated, waterproof, and oil-proof, and do not leak hot water (90±5°C). Bagasse biodegradable paper cups are characterized by safety, sanitation, lightness, and convenience.


Usually using flexographic printing, businesses that buy such paper cups can only be used as water containers for entertaining customers. However, with the progress of society, the development of the economy, and more and more business activities, smart people have brought new uses to paper cups - promotion, image transmission, and customized advertising paper cups have also emerged as the times require. Green Olive can be customized in various sizes and in various thicknesses Biodegradable paper cups are 100% tree and plastic free and made from sustainable resources - 100% made from plant biomass such as bagasse, and bamboo pulp, 100% renewable and recycled Resources, from and back to nature. Our products can be 100% degraded, for 90-100 days under natural conditions. Also suitable for landfills.

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